Too Much Life

November 15, 2011

TDF Guest James Lieberman

Earth now holds 7 billion people. Some of us can recall when it was only 3 billion (1960). The human population on earth reached one billion in 1800. Estimates have us reaching 10 billion by the end of this century–a ten-fold increase in three centuries. Only 1 in 6 enjoy a high standard of living. At least 1 in 6 do not have adequate clean water. Many more are poor, hungry and sick. In Africa it appears that population control is more a consequence of disease, famine, accident, and war than family planning. Some religions teach that unearned suffering is redemptive and that’s fine if one believes it, but not if it’s deemed sufficient consolation for the poor, hungry, sick, and maimed. Too much life–human bodies occupying (not really sharing) the planet–is killing us. Denial of global warming seems to be a form of death-denial.

More details and U.S./World comparison at Population Connection online.


One comment

  1. Yes, If we let climate temps to continue increasing, that will take care of the population issue. The same goes for nuclear weapons. And, the increasing exhaustion of natural resources, especially water and fossil fuels, will make industrial society a thing of the past. All have the end of the 21st century as a marker, although turning points are very much closer. I have been treating these as “not business as usual” for a number of years with the hope that humans will survive. I am not optimistic.

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